Vidadance - stilvolle, moderne Herren Tanzschuhe - individuell gestaltet von einer Tänzerin mit zweiteiligen Ledersohle, gepolsterte Ferse und weichen Oberteil aus Leder für außergewöhnlichen Komfort & Wert. Perfekt für Salsa, Jive, West Coast Swing, Ceroc, Tango, usw.
Vidadance - stilvolle, moderne Herren Tanzschuhe - individuell gestaltet von einer Tänzerin mit zweiteiligen Ledersohle, gepolsterte Ferse und weichen Oberteil aus Leder für außergewöhnlichen Komfort & Wert. Perfekt für Salsa, Jive, West Coast Swing, Ceroc, Tango, usw.

"gestern habe ich die neuen Schuhe bekommen! - Und habe damit abends auch gleich auf einer Milonga getanzt. Ging super-toll! Ich bin sehr sehr glücklich" Viele Grüsse aus Deutschland" (Hasso)

"Dies sind die besten Schuhe, die ich je zum Tangotanzen getragen habe. Eine sehr sanfte Unterfläche am Ballen und wunderbarer Halt am Absatz (hinten gummiert - besonders gut für rasante Tempowechsel, wie bei schnellen Milongas). Die Verarbeitung jedes meiner Tanzschuhpaare war höchst professionell. Immer wieder komme ich gerne auf diese Marke zurück und empfehle sie wärmstens weiter". (Eric: berlinertango.de)

'Vorgestern bekommen, gestern einen Milonga-Abend damit durchgetanzt und mit heilen Füßen und einem breiten Lächeln nach Hause gekommen. Mehr kann man sich von Tango-Schuhen wohl kaum wünschen - und gut aussehen tun sie bei bester Verarbeitung auch noch. Ich kann Vidadance nur weiterempfehlen, auch für Davids freundlichen und schnellen Service'. (Andreas, Seeheim)

Machen Sie sich über die Rückmeldungen bisheriger Kunden selbst ein Bild von Vidadance-Schuhen.

"I have been looking for weeks for shoes but I am delighted with the ones I bought from you. Thanks again for a great service". (Hugh) 

"Your shoes are very comfortable for dancing! My friend a dance teacher also noted the excellent quality." (Vadim)

"The shoes look great and exude quality from every stitch. They're phenomenally comfortable and a joy to dance in." (Andy)

"I think you are to be congratulated for the product, they are a better quality than Werner Kern, which is what I have worn for seven years" (Murphy)

"I was a bit worried about which size to order but I printed out the profile and it worked! A much better idea than having you measure your footsize at home as the Argentinian webshops do" (Rutger)

In diesem Blog (bitte etwa 2/3 nach unten scrollen) wird Vidadance besonders erwähnt.

"I love the shoes. They are the best I ever had in my 20 years of Tango and I had some". (Paul)

"Got the shoes ok. They are awesome! I've been looking for something smart/casual not too flashy) with a little heel for ages - and these are just the job!" (Frazer)

"my shoes look even better than the pictures, the quality is superb and they fit like a glove. I'm at a freestyle tomorrow night which will test them out but I can tell already they're gonna be good! Thanks for the swiftness of your dispatch and I will certainly tell the guys where I got them from 'cos I know they're going to ask (Roger)"

"The size 8's arrived yesterday A little snug but they are more suitable than the 9's" (Paul)

"Buying two pairs from you was a good decision, I can't believe how much more I enjoy jive and tango now. After a week of dancing at Medfest my feet are still good" (Peter)

Schauen Sie sich die Website vom Tango Atelier an, um Paul in Vidadance-Schuhen zu sehen.

"Very nicely made, and good styling. They also seem sufficiently flexible for dancing. There's a couple of things I hadn't spotted: the sole portions are leather rather than suede and the back of the heel is rubber/composition. But all in all, they're really rather nice, so I shall be keeping them!" (Peter)

"Thank goodness I had my Vida's with me in Croatia, they enabled me to dance on a variety of poor floors. Love em!" (Steve)

"Shoes arrived and just what I am looking for... perfect fit thank you. I think an option for suede sole instead of leather might work quite well as personally I find suede tends to have a different effect especially with spins and quick changes in direction. Other than that they look and seem to be well made, robust and of good quality (Wayne)

" I was very impressed with the care, attention that went into the shoes, as well as the thought behind the website. I am happy that I changed my mind and spent the money" (Tim)

Die meisten Männer mögen die echte Ledersohle – man muss sich kaum darum kümmern, und sie ist großartig für Drehungen.

"The shoes arrived remarkably quickly! I tried them briefly here on the carpetted floor at the office. My first thoughts are they may be slightly too big. Apart from that, I like the style and feel." (Paul)

"When I came across your product I fell in love with them straight away. I am so Impressed with them they look so cool and are very comfortable" (Ian)

"thanks for such a quick return of my shoe order much appreciated I danced in them this weekend first impression excellent". (Keith)

"I have received the shoes and they are great" (Roger)

"after trying them on carpet after tea they appeared suitable to go and try out straight away. They're quite comfy and light" (Michael)

"now collected my shoes and extremely pleased with them" (John)

"got them today, they are a perfect fit!" (Dan)

Der Versand erfolgt normalerweise innerhalb eines Arbeitstages ab Bestellung und wenn möglich noch am selben Tag.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier in den FAQ.

"Soft leather very comfortable, I just luv these shoes, and fast delivery thanks" (John)

"when someone turned up at our tango group wearing a pair, I took the opportunity to try them on and was instantly convinced." (Roger)

"I do like the shoes, they turn very well and are comfortable on the feet - I wore them most of the time for 5 days of teaching and have just ordered the other colour" (Michael)

"I will recommend them & soon buy the white version". (Roberto)

"The shoes are a tiny bit big, but nothing an insole shouldn’t sort out I guess a 7 would be too small." (Peter)

"I got the shoes and tested them this weekend. I am very satisfied. Very well made, stable and comfortable". (Kurt)

"I saw the shoes on Kurt & knew that I wanted similar shoes" (Eero)

Diese Schuhe sind in der Tangoszene schnell bekannt geworden und inzwischen eine beliebte Wahl, auch bei zahlreichen Lehrern.

Andere Tänze wie Salsa und Modern Jive haben seitdem schnell nachgezogen.

"One small problem - a lace has completely unravelled from its end and I'd be grateful if you could send a spare. Best wishes and thanks for a great pair of shoes." (John)

"I've heard good reports about the shoes so I thought I'd try some" (Amarasiddhi)

"My dance shoes are very comfortable" (Humphrey)

"I've just received the shoes and they fit perfectly, thank you very much for such an excellent service." (Ray)

"Shoes fit fine.  Well done!" (Brian)

"I spoke to one or two people who had bought a pair and raved about them" (Peter)

"I have received shoes and they are excellent thank you, although for personal preference I have changed the laces to stone". (Stuart)

Ein kleines Problem mit einem Schnürsenkel (und Ersatz wurde kostenlos geschick).

"I already owned formal dance shoes but had never seen anything I would consider wearing with casual clothes (I hate those dance trainers with the high bridge/arch!), and had always just worn street suedes with jeans. Your shoes were just what I was looking for and they got their first run out yesterday evening at a ceroc night. Their appearance and 'danceability' (if that's the word) exceeded expectations and attracted favourable comment from the girls I danced with. Good luck with your business such an excellent product deserves success" (John)

"Just picked up my shoes. Very comfortable. I'll wear them in anger at dances next weekend. Your advice to got for the next size down rather than up was good. There is lots of room in them." (Chris)

"shoes are perfect! many thanks and I'm sure other people will be interested." (Adrian)

"I confirm that I have received the shoes and am content with them. I will give them a work out come the winter" (Bob)

Hoffentlich werden auch Sie die Bequemlichkeit, das Design und die Wertigkeit sowie die "Tanzbarkeit" dieser Schuhe schätzen.

"I was looking for a salsa shoe that did not look too clunky like the trainers nor too flimsy like the jazz shoes and these seemed to fit the bill" (Darren)

"shoes are perfect! many thanks. I'll hand out the flyers, I'm sure people will be interested. (Adrian)

"The size 9's arrived yesterday. Thanks very much indeed for your prompt attention.  Unfortunately they are just too neat - mainly in narrowness where my foot broadens out before the toes" (Hunter)

"Really nice shoes, a little less spongy than I expected, though that's probably more to do with the shoes I use currently (they aren't proper dance shoes) than anything else" (Glenn)

"The shoes arrived this morning and they are great - thanks" (Peter)

"Best pair of dance shoes I ever had and I would recommend any dancer to try them" (Shane)

Denken Sie daran, es gibt noch mehr Größeninformationen hier in den FAQ.

"I've only worn them once, to try them out, as they are a present - the combination of softness and support just what I was looking for" (Chris)

"Your shoes are incredible cheap for the value that you have" (Andy)

"You could be charging a lot more money for these shoes" (Mike)

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