Vidadance - stylish modern dance shoes - designed by a dancer with soft leather uppers for exceptional comfort & value. Perfect for salsa, jive, west coast swing, ceroc, tango, etc.
Vidadance - stylish modern dance shoes - designed by a dancer with soft leather uppers for exceptional comfort & value. Perfect for salsa, jive, west coast swing, ceroc, tango, etc.

"my shoes feel delicious, butter soft, yummy on my feet" (Siani, GB)

"the shoes are very soft and cute! I have danced in them both leading and following and it is working well, so I am very pleased with my order. The soft leather and the thick sole are very comfortable! I have 2 friends who tried them on already, and they had the same first impression of wonderful comfort" (Annelies, NL)

"Hurray! Just trying on my Vidadance shoes and I LOVE them! Thanks for making 'Eve', David!" (Joo-Lee, GB)

"another tanguera had the stone pair, they looked very comfortable. She told me she was very happy with them plus they really look nice which is not obvious for those type of practica shoes" (Isabelle, CH)

"very comfortable and lovely to dance in David, I wore them all Sunday: lesson, class, practice, and two milongas" (Sally, GB)

"I do like them very much, they are very comfortable". (Tania, GB)

Look through these pages for a genuine picture of what previous customers have to say about EVE

The softness, comfort and cute looks are very well liked.

"oh my word David have you got it so right with these shoes, they are simply the best. Heel just right, being small I need this, the swivel of the soles in brilliant. I recommend them to everyone" (Lorna, GB)

"they are so soft and comfy and I have very difficult feet with (I hate to say) a bunion from a past injury and wearing ballet point shoes etc" (Carol, GB)

"I have two pairs, one for our winter outdoors tango and the smaller size for indoors" (Inga, DE)

"your shoes have just had a challenging test. I wore them for a 2-hour shared private lesson with the lovely Mabel during which she threw at me every speed change, mood change and height change I can handle. I forgot I wasn't in my usual heels. Mabel is strict about foot placement in a follower and not once did the shoe get in the way. We finished with some light-hearted work on an adorno, the caracol, and I didn't feel any loss of elegance through wearing a lower shoe. The pivoting was superb, both slow and fast" (Jo, GB)

Plenty of mentions too for the smooth leather sole and small heel that make it easy to pivot.

And how kind the soft leather is to bunions.

"I was so excited when the shoes arrived just in time for the milonga that my husband and I host the last Friday of every month. They all fit beautifully and I received many compliments and inquiries over the night. The best part that I didn't expect was that my dancing was better!" (Abby, US)

"I learnt about your shoes from Abby. We share an interest in comfortable shoes, and she looks great in them!" (Patrice, US)

"I found out about your shoes from Jackie and Denise. Also Sally turned up at Biljana's milonga wearing a pair. I have been looking for a very long time as, after surgery on my ankle I can no longer wear heels" (Julie, GB)

"I heard about your shoes from a lady I met on a tango holiday in Menorca last September, she was wearing them and they looked very comfortable. I kept your web address for when I wanted a new pair of dance shoes" (Christine, GB)

Many orders come from personal recommendations (same as with mens). I hope you like your shoes and tell your friends!

And if the shoes don't suit then it's no problem to return them unworn for exchange or refund. If you are unsure about the size and want to try a second pair to compare that's fine too.

"my wife wanted something comfortable and stylish for practicas and I'm sure these will be perfect". Stuart (GB)

"I like them very much, they are very chique!" (Yvonne, NL)

"really pleased with the dance shoes, they accommodate my bunions and are prettier than most" (Gail, GB)

"I'm very happy with my lovely new shoes" (Kate, GB)

"the shoes arrived and are great. They fit very well, and I'm looking forward to dancing balboa in them at the weekend" (Laura, GB)

"my Eve shoes were delivered yesterday. They are a perfect fit and I can't wait to try them out properly" (Lyn, ES)

"my wife is using regularly your shoes and she is happy with them. She uses both inserts to get even more softness" (Arthur, CH)

Sold exclusively online and despatched straight away from stock in the UK, EVE appears on dance floors around the world.

Each pair is supplied with a second slightly thinner footbed you can swap for extra width if the shoes are a little tight at first.